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new city, new jobs

novi grad, novi poslovi




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Danielle Sremac






I was born in Belgrade, Serbia and grew up in the United States, the land of opportunity where I saw my father prosper as an entrepreneur, and where I also became an entrepreneur.  I am convinced that in America, every good idea can become a successful venture and that anything you want to achieve there depends solely on your own ideas and efforts. This is not the case in most places around the world including Serbia.  My dream has been to bring opportunity, jobs and prosperity that I experienced in America to my favorite city in the world: Belgrade. That’s the mission of BEZ, to create a city within a city where we can demonstrate the benefits of a place with no bureaucratic or any other barriers to business, where entrepreneurs can do what they do best—turn their ideas into reality, profit and success.  Join us!

Danielle Sremac

President, Belgrade Economic Zone BEZ





In the heart of Belgrade, Serbia, we have a mission—to create a city run like a private corporation which demonstrates the benefits of competition and a market free from bureaucratic barriers, which bring higher wages, greater opportunities and prosperity for all.



The Belgrade Economic Zone will be run by a President and Board of Directors with the freedom to manage and direct BEZ independently but in accordance with a Charter created through prior negotiations with local authorities.











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